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Anxiety as Families Await Court Ruling on Obama’s Immigration Action

Posted - 06/22/2016

Demonstrators from the immigrant community advocacy group CASA carry signs as they march in the hopes of a ruling in their favor on decisions at the Supreme Court building in Washington, U.S. June 20, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan There is a communal breath holding going on among immigrants and their allies as they wait for a Supreme


H-1B Visa Fee Hike Did Not Impact the Number of Applications

Posted - 06/22/2016

BENGALURU: The H-1B visa fee hike that has caused concern in the Indian IT industry will not impact the number of applications or business transactions, said Joseph M Pomper, Minister-Counselor for Consular Affairs at the US Embassy.  Pomper spoke to ET during his maiden visit to Bengaluru after assuming charge as minister-counselor responsible for the


Green Card Holder Deported

Posted - 06/21/2016

Mickel Mesa, a 28-year-old legal permanent resident of the United States, had not seen his family in the Dominican Republic for many years. So, in December 2013, he and his sister flew to the Caribbean nation. He said it was a week of “great food and fun” with people he had not seen since he was a


North Carolina Needs More Skilled Workers On H-1B Visas

Posted - 06/21/2016

North Carolina, the state of United States requires a huge number of foreign workers to work in IT industries. Charlotte is the second largest city of Carolina, which is a hub for IT companies.  The employers are unable to find the enough talent from local applicants, they can import foreign nationals using H-1B visa category… 


USCIS Announcement: E-Verify User Requirement

Posted - 06/17/2016

On Aug. 1, E-Verify will begin deactivating user IDs that have not been accessed for 270 days (approximately every 9 months). How can I avoid deactivation of my user ID? Log in to E-Verify with your user ID at least once every 270 days. What should corporate administrators and Program Administrators do before Aug. 1?


Section of US Administration raises voice against H1B visa fee hike

Posted - 06/17/2016

MUMBAI, JUNE 8:   At a time when steep hike in H1B visa is becoming a key issue in trade talks between India and US, people within the US administration and local politicians are coming out in the open to talk about the negative effects of the same. One of the biggest voices against the visa


H-1B visa for foreign talent, not to replace US workers with cheap labour: US media

Posted - 06/17/2016

By PTI | 16 Jun, 2016, 10.25PM IST  NEW YORK: The “abuse” of H-1B visa is harming American workers, a leading us daily said today and asked the US Congress to close the loopholes as some companies skirt rules for using H-1B workers by outsourcing recruitments to India-based firms like Tata Consultancy ServicesBSE 1.81 %

US Jobs

Glassdoor Releases Best US Cities For Jobs

Posted - 06/17/2016

  San Jose, California has topped Glassdoor’s list of the best U.S. cities for jobs in 2016, while its fellow Bay Area metropolis, San Francisco, comes in at a close second. According to the employment website, San Jose currently has 61,038 openings for job seekers, with HR manager, data scientist and solutions architect being some of the

Green Card Rich

Green cards for the wealthy

Posted - 06/17/2016

If you have access to $500,000, it is possible to buy your way into America. No need to stand in line; no need to wait years. Hand over the money and take your papers. In 1990, Congress created the EB-5 visa program to promote economic vibrancy through job creation. It became possible for rich immigrants


2 Indian Americans Sentenced 7 Years For H1B Visa Fraud In Texas

Posted - 06/17/2016

Two Indian-American brothers have been sentenced to over seven years in prison for committing fraud in H1B visa programme, popular among IT and software professionals, to create a low-cost workforce in the US. Atul Nanda, 46, and his brother, Jiten “Jay” Nanda, 45, were each sentenced by Judge Barbara M. G. Lynn, the Chief U.S.