Trump says he will add further restrictions to H1B and L1 visa schemes

Posted - 12/20/2016

President elect Donald Trump has vowed to put an end to what he calls H-1B and L-1 visa “abuse” in a bid to tackle what he sees as the loss of ‘American’ jobs.  Fortunately it seems that he has not raised any concerns about the E-2 Treaty Investor Visa scheme and E-1 Treaty Trader visa scheme.  Some would say that complaining about the


Read CW’s December 2016 digital magazine!

Posted - 12/20/2016

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Technology trends in 2017: A bluffer’s guide

Posted - 12/20/2016

If bluffers have become used to calling on our old composite friend SoCloMo to remind themselves that social, cloud and mobile have been the uber trends of the last few years then it might be time for a new coinage. RoboMoboFlextastic or similar, perhaps, to highlight the increasing influence of robotics, software bots, ultra-mobile devices


Why a Trump Crackdown on Visa Program Could Benefit Foreign Students

Posted - 12/01/2016

The chance of getting a H-1B work visa is the same as getting into a top 50 university in the U.S., except that H-1B is “purely” based on a lottery system. With 236,000 applicants fighting for 85,000 spots this year, only 36% of them will be lucky enough to continue their versions of the American