Here’s What’s Really On Silicon Valley’s Mind Regarding Immigration

Posted - 02/28/2017

The Titans of Silicon Valley may be up in arms over immigration, and plastered on the cover of newspapers and magazines disgusted by Donald Trump’s immigration policies. But the soldiers on the front line of this fight are really the IT executives from India. Some recently came to Capitol Hill to discuss what one foreign lobbyist referred to


Tech’s beloved H-1B visa is flawed. Here’s why.

Posted - 02/28/2017

The H-1B visa is the most popular pathway for foreigners to work in the United States. It is also widely believed that the H-1B program is abused. Among the most common complaints: Visas aren’t just given to the most highly trained workers. Companies use H-1B visas to get cheap foreign labor. Startups lose out to


‘Countering H1B norms tightening an option’

Posted - 02/28/2017

The looming threat to Indian information technology (IT) firms in the form of the new US administration tightening its H1B visa rules could possibly be countered by the Indian government “in kind” if the need arises, government officials said, adding that the Centre could consider the option of reciprocating by stiffening conditions for American companies


S Jaishankar’s US visit: H1B, safety of Indians likely to top agenda

Posted - 02/27/2017

NEW DELHI: India’s concerns over possible clampdown on H1B visas and safety of its nationals are expected to be raised by Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar when he holds talks with the senior members of the Donald Trump Administration during his US visit starting tomorrow. According to officials here, Jaishankar will also be holding talks on


All about Visas

Posted - 02/27/2017

In the past one year, many student visa applications have been rejected. Let’s analyse what could be the probable reasons which make it difficult for students to get visas. In the past one year, many student visa applications have been rejected. Let’s analyse what could be the probable reasons which make it difficult for students


PM Modi conveys to US India’s unease over likely H-1B curbs

Posted - 02/27/2017

NEW DELHI/WASHINGTON: PM Narendra Modi has urged the US to take a “reflective, balanced and far-sighted” perspective on the movement of skilled professionals, indicating India’s discomfort with the Trump administration‘s intent to curb H-1B visas+ . The PM raised the issue during his interaction with US Congress members+ on Tuesday and he suggested that restrictions


‘The whole noise over H1B visa is irrelevant for us’: Keshav Murugesh

Posted - 02/26/2017

India creates jobs in the US, contrary to the general view in that country, says Keshav Murugesh, chief executive officer of Nasdaq-listed WNS. The business process management service provider believes the changes in H1B visa norms will not make much difference, especially for the BPM and BPO industry, as the company hires a good number


All about jobs in USA, H1B, visas, Green Cards

Posted - 02/25/2017

Post completion of studies, what you should know about OPT, OPT extension, H1B visas, Green Cards, citizenship. There are three methods of get-ting employment after completion of studies. Campus recruitment/ career fairs: Monstertrak.com: This is a website that provides job opportunities to students graduating from American colleges and universities. You have to register with official student