H1-B visa row: Must protect Indian IT professionals abroad, says Mamata

Posted - 02/02/2017

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has pledged support for Indian IT professionals following speculations on US President Donald Trump’s executive order on H1-B visas. Amid speculation that the United States administration under new President Donald Trump may soon reform the H1-B visa norms, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday stressed on the


Trump Wouldn’t Pass Executive Order On H1B Visas, Says Head Of Republican Hindu Coalition

Posted - 02/02/2017

The Head Of Republican Hindu Coalition Shalabh Kumar, who has been a big supporter of US President Donald Trump, has dismissed media reports that the US is considering an executive order limiting H1B visas. Kumar said at a news conference that The Trump administration isn’t planning any executive action to clamp down on H-1B visas, PTI reported.


Former US spy master bats for H1B visas

Posted - 02/02/2017

Amidst a series of legislations seeking to curb H-1B visa abuse being introduced in the US Congress, a former CIA Director has told lawmakers that work-visas are “critically important” and if bright immigrants are denied entry then they could go to other countries like Canada. “As the Congress takes up a discussion of the H-1B


Donald Trump not planning any executive order on H-1B visas: Shalabh Kumar

Posted - 02/02/2017
WASHINGTON: The Trump administration has no plans to come out with anexecutive order on H-1B visas+ , a prominent Indian-American donor and supporter of the US President claimed on Wednesday, contradicting media reports that have generated anxiety in India."There will be a need of more H-1B visas. The number of people on H-1B from India is certainly going

H1B visa reform: Why US companies are worrying about changes

Posted - 02/02/2017

New York: Next on the immigration chopping block? US tech companies fear the Trump administration will target a visa programme they cherish for bringing in programmers and other specialized workers from other countries. Although these visas, known as H1B, aren’t supposed to displace American workers, critics say safeguards are weak. Critics also say the programme mostly


Proposed H-1B visa Bill: 10 things to know

Posted - 02/01/2017

The H-1B visa programme allows US employers to import foreign workers with “highly specialised knowledge”. However, the Trump administration can reduce the cap on H-1B visas or raise the fees or auction them, which is a source of anxiety for US tech firms, which outsource jobs mainly to India. Here’s a look at how the


US H1-B visa move ‘regressive’, Modi must take it up with Trump: Congress

Posted - 02/01/2017

New Delhi: Congress on Tuesday termed as “regressive” the proposed executive order of the US administration that seeks to double minimum wages of H-1B visa holders, and asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take up the matter with President Donald Trump to help protect India’s interests. Congress leader Anand Sharma said both students and IT professionals


H1B Visa: What It Is, the Proposed Visa Reforms, and More Things You Need to Know

Posted - 02/01/2017

With a hard stance on immigration, the High-Skilled Integrity and Fairness Act of 2017 that will overhaul the popular H1B and L1 visas has been tabled in the US Congress. This reform bill, if passed, would mean significant changes in the way the H1B visas are granted to companies and allocated to employees by them. Some of the worst