‘The whole noise over H1B visa is irrelevant for us’: Keshav Murugesh

India creates jobs in the US, contrary to the general view in that country, says Keshav Murugesh, chief executive officer of Nasdaq-listed The business process management service provider believes the changes in norms will not make much difference, especially for the BPM and industry, as the company hires a good number of locals. Murugesh, who is also the chairman of Nasscom’s BPM Council, talks to Ayan Pramanik on a range of issues. Edited excerpts:

What are your customers saying in a changing business environment?

Many of seem to be focused on the impact of disruption of service provider model. The reality is, the disruption is taking place on the clients’ side around the digital models, availability of data and integration of different models, and in terms of competition and the political rhetoric. It means a tremendous change that they need to adopt to in order to stay relevant to their customers. It creates a very interesting dynamic from that point of view, because it completely creates a new opportunity for the entire BPM (business process management) industry and like The demand for the BPM industry continues to be very nascent, and the industry continues to be under-penetrated. In the past two quarters, we’ve increased our guidance to the street at 11.5 per cent (mid-point of the range) on constant currency terms, that is ahead of industry growth rates.

How do you think the industry has changed in terms offering career opportunity?

First, we’ve rebranded the industry. We are helping on the supply side for the potential employees to understand how exciting this industry is from a growth and transformation point of view, and (by) moving away from lower-end services to much higher-value services. We need our people to think about banking, insurance, travel. We’ve experts in all these areas. We create domain knowledge. Hence, when we hire we build domain experts in the longer term. As clients keep moving up the value chain, people who come into the industry will need to be qualified, need to have good understanding of the domain, be it banking or travel. Therefore, all of are focusing on skilling to make sure the talent we have is relevant for a long time. […]

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‘The whole noise over H1B visa is irrelevant for us’: Keshav Murugesh