What is H-1Bnews.org?  H-1Bnews.org, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of news and exchange of information and ideas relevant to the H-1B community.

Who does it serve?  The main objective to this site is to provide education and guidelines to H-1B beneficiaries who are not fully informed, as well as providing a single source for news and current activity in the H1-B arena.  The site does not provide legal advice, but focuses on industry practices.  Visitors are advised to seek legal advice independently when and as required.

What does it do?  The focus of H-1Bnews.org is to provide a user-friendly web and mobile app platform to its members with four primary functions –

  1. Distribution of Real-Time News involving H-1B issues and H-1B holders.
  2. Access to valuable Professional Advice across a wide spectrum of topics, including trends in technology, micro and macro-economic conditions, and career guidelines, as well as other factors impacting the IT industry.
  3. Access to an informative database of Vetted Consulting & Staffing Companies to assist members with their own due diligence and decision-making concerning employment options. An independent CPA firm will be engaged to verify the employee count, formation date and owner/CEO of each company.
  4. An open Member Forum providing the opportunity for free-flowing information exchange and discussions between members on any topics of interest.

Who can access?  Membership is free and can be easily accessed.

Financial support?  As noted, H-1Bnews.org, Inc. is a non-profit organization offering valuable services to registered members at no-cost.  Accordingly, our Organization depends on the financial support of sponsors and advertisers to subsidize operating costs and further the effectiveness of our efforts.  Additionally, we seek contributions of pertinent and thoughtful content from qualified professionals to include within our Professional Advice area.

Participation as a sponsor or advertiser can expose your Company to a national population of well-educated, talented and hard-working serious individuals who provide valuable technical services benefitting our entire Country and its competitiveness on the world-stage….while also helping those struggling to establish themselves and their families in a new life here in the USA.

How do I learn more?  The best way to learn more about our non-profit organization is to reach out to us at 888-262-4756 or contact us by e-mail at info@h1bnews.org  We look forward to your inquiries.