All about jobs in USA, H1B, visas, Green Cards

Post completion of studies, what you should know about OPT, OPT extension, H1B visas, Green Cards, citizenship.
There are three methods of get-ting employment after completion of studies.

Campus recruitment/ career fairs:
Monstertrak.com: This is a website that provides job opportunities to students graduating from American colleges and universities. You have to register with official student id and access and apply for a job suitable to your profile.
Consultancies: Many Indian students approach consultancies to get a job.
OPT (Optional Practical training): Any foreign student graduating from a recognised American college or university is given 12 months OPT. Within these 12 months a student can work in a company, earn salary while being on a student visa. He has to change his status to H1B visa within 12 months.
OPT Extension: Students graduating from a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) degrees are eligible for a 24 month extension of OPT. It means that you can live and work in America for a total of 36 months while being on a student visa. Non-STEM degree holders and students from unaccredited, for-profit colleges are not eligible for this extension. […]

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All about jobs in USA, H1B, visas, Green Cards