China will embrace more talents

A recent article in your newspaper titled “More overseas students look for jobs at home” talked about the phenomenon that an increasing number of Chinese students who studied in the US will go back to China to carve out their career.

It is true that it is becoming harder for Chinese students studying in the US to get their H1B working visa as the number of applicants grows. Besides, with Donald Trump as president, it is expected that stricter immigration policies will be implemented, which will worsen the present situation for Chinese students.

There are still some Chinese students trying to find work in the US. Having a job in the US can help them gain valuable work experience, conducive to their career development. Also, some students want to become American citizens and getting an H1B working visa can increase their chances. A headache for Chinese students studying in the US may be that it’s hard for them to find a job in China which can put what they have learned into use.

However, things have changed. China now is more appealing to Chinese students and international students. China has become the second largest economy in the world, and its rapid economic growth is still inspiring. The thriving job market in China is drawing more Chinese students back. What’s more, with the deepening of reform and opening-up, China has learned advanced international management concepts and welcomed many well-known transnational companies, and thus, reducing some students’ worries about not finding a job related to their fields of study. […]

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China will embrace more talents