H-1B Visa Curb Could Benefit These Countries

Countries such as Singapore and Poland are set to benefit from the increasingly difficult processes associated with the permit acquisition of the United States; the latest report told journalists.

Those nations and a host of other like Finland and Taiwan are primed to gain in attracting experts in different fields such as engineering, according to a recent study made public on Thursday by an employment platform named HackerRank.

It judged the allure each country offered based on indigenous talent, wages, broadband speed, corruption in government, cost of living, time zone and the level of talents in each nation.

“If we make it more difficult for people to come into the country, the country could lose a lot of skilled workers, investment opportunities, and technological innovation which would have adverse effects on the gross domestic product of the United States and development,” a lead author on the published report stated. Countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore and a lot of others with a budding technological front have enticed foreign workers with benefits such as low tax rate and a talented workforce to take professionals away from the United States, with a few failures and few successes.

But recently, a lot of the nations see an opening they can take advantage of after a travel ban was put in place and the country’s department of homeland security announced new steps to find and locate undocumented and fraudulent activities in the H-1B permit scheme. […]

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H-1B Visa Curb Could Benefit These Countries